The VeggiDome brings veggies into plain view.. rather than hiding in the fridge!

Keeping Vegetables Fresh On Your Table for Days.

Admit it. You have veggies spoiling somewhere in your refrigerator right now!
Wouldn't you rather have them available to you, so you eat them up rather than leaving them forgotten to rot away?

Just a few simple steps means the difference between eating healthy and wasting food

Step 1: At the market, commit to your nutrition and quality produce.
Step 2: At home, wash the veggies you plan to eat over the next few days.
Step 3: Trim ends where needed, leave whole, or cut in half.
Step 4: Shake excess water as you place produce in the VeggiDome - the water drips through the stainless steel strainer.
Step 5: Now snack, use in a salad or smoothie, or cook - eating healthy has never been so convenient!
Step 6: Rinse and Repeat!

The VeggiDome

The VeggiDome

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May 30- Zen Nights- Mesa AZ
June 30- Zen Nights- Mesa AZ
November 4- VegOut Tuscon


May 11-13- South Bay Home & Garden Show
May 19-20- Marin Home Expo
June 1-3- OC Spring Home and Garden Show
June 16- South Bay Veg Fair 2018

New York

May 19-20- NYC Vegetarian Food Festival
June 16- BlendzVille Vegan Meet-up
July 14- Atlantic City Vegan Food Festival
July 21- Green Sofa Music Festival 2018

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