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The VeggiDome brings veggies out of hiding in the fridge, and into plain view... so you eat them!


Keeping Vegetables Fresh On Your Table for Days.

Admit it. You have veggies spoiling somewhere in your refrigerator right now!

One less thing you have to worry about. Good food always on the table.

One less thing you have to worry about. Good food always on the table.

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The VeggiDome:

  • Makes it easy to form a new daily habit of consuming more fresh vegetables.

  • Saves money (pays for itself) by reducing waste of produce forgotten in the refrigerator.

  • Works by balancing humidity and venting the natural ethylene gas that contributes to spoilage.

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The Lid

The Lid allows for the natural ethylene gas to escape, as the humidity stays in.  This easy to open Lid is great when grabbing for crisp vegetables.

VeggiDome fresh veggies stay out on your table!

The Dome

Place several clean, ready to eat vegetables into the Dome and your veggies will create a moist atmosphere inside.  The plant-based food then drinks from the Dome air.

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The Plate

Large enough to keep 3 or 4 days-worth of thriving veggies, the base-plate also supports the stainless-steel colander platform that allows moisture-rich air to circulate under your produce.

Ever wonder how to get your kids to eat more vegetables?

VeggiDome provides healthy habits that last a lifetime.

VeggiDome Testimonials
VeggiDome fresh veggies stay out on your table!

What people say about our amazing VeggiDome!

The VeggiDome looks great. Makes total sense. We eat what we see.
— Jeffrey Babcock, Author Speaker Consultant: "Die Young As Late As Possible"
Having the VeggiDome on the family table has really improved our eating habits. It’s been more alluring than crackers in the cabinet!
— Tracy Blackburn, Social Media Maven and Direct Marketing Associate
I just had a carrot for breakfast with my coffee: a new experience for me, and it’s good. Who would have thought? It was right there on the counter, I saw it as I made my morning coffee, and I tried it. Another VeggiDome win.
— Matt Lewis, Rand Corporation, Manhattan Beach, CA
I’ve been getting snap peas, green beans and cauliflower, that my family would usually never buy, let alone think of eating raw. I try something new every few days and can hardly keep it full.
— Susanne Porter, Producer, TKD Visions
Thank you for pursuing practical strategies to get children to eat more fresh vegetables. We have a common mission. I commend you for your efforts to get people to eat more minimally processed fruits and vegetables.
— William McCarty, Ph.D., Dept Health Policy and Management, UCLA
My nephew, who usually avoids vegetables, grabs a handful of carrots every snack time from the VeggiDome. It’s so much better for him than hitting the candy bowl.
— Donald Moore, MHA

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