Veggies in plain view, fresh on the table for the whole week!

The VeggiDome is the new cookie jar for fresh whole foods.

The VeggiDome is: A Food Display

That Helps You Eat Healthy

Eat More Healthy Fruits & Veggies... Be Energized & Strong!

Enjoy Your Vegetables and Fruit By Keeping Them Out: On The Table

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American household throws away about $80 to $100 in fresh produce - every single MONTH! That's FORTY PERCENT of the produce we BUY - and then throw away.

Why? Because veggies live in the bottom of refrigerators. Then we forget about them, as they turn into gruesome science projects!

The VeggiDome is a healthy way to keep your fruits and vegetables visible, a colorful rainbow of fresh whole-food goodness to eat!

Healthy, Vibrant Living In Five Simple Steps

Step 1: Purchase your usual quality produce - pick a rainbow of colorful vegetables and summer fruits.
Step 2: Wash the produce you plan to eat that week - don't worry, you will eat it!
Step 3: Excess water drains through the strainer/colander when you place your produce into the VeggiDome.
Step 4: Marvel at your beautiful, edible food centerpiece!
Step 5: Eat more fresh produce every day, without the fuss.

The VeggiDome

$69.99 - $15 Discount =$54.99

  • Radically improve health and energy
  • Feel sharper, stronger, happier
  • Eat more of the fruits and vegetables you buy
  • USDA: Annual Household Food Wastage = $1,200

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VeggiDome SPC. is a registered California social purpose corporation - that means VeggiDome is a for-profit company that does social good. We're on a mission to grow the VeggiDome community and the impact we make on individuals, families and communities. We believe in eating healthy, fresh produce every day, minimizing food wastage, and feeling great along the way! Introduce yourself if you have a social enterprise mindset and would like to connect to collaborate with us.


VeggiDome serves an urgent global need to improve health, fight disease and reduce food waste. Our social purpose is to engage individuals, families and communities by sharing science-based information about the health and societal benefits of incorporating plant-based foods into a daily routine. When appropriate, discussion of innovative discoveries and information is shared with common sense and an open mind.


Imagine how our world looks as we achieve measurable progress in the areas of basic health, disease prevention, and the environment. We see a dent in the obesity crisis and the number one killer of people worldwide: heart disease. We see less people suffering from diabetes, stroke and cancers and maladies that may be prevented by plant-based diets. We invite to you join us in cause-related endeavors that empower others toward a better quality of life.


VeggiDome is committed to innovating earth friendly products for good health, sustainability, and establishing a means to support philanthropic endeavors for better health for people and the health of our planet. We work to bring steady monetary and intangible returns for our stakeholders. We remain committed to best practices, sustainability, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

We Are Proud to be Affiliated with PlantPure Nation!

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