Eat healthy – any time, every day

Eat fresh, eat healthy, be healthy. VeggiDome makes being healthy easy. VeggiDome is a glass-top produce container that keeps veggies fresh at room temperature, and within reach when you or your family needs a snack in your kitchen, family room, playroom, even your home office.

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Make a heathy change to VeggiDome

Committed to healthier eating or a plant-based diet? Buying farm-to-table foods, or simply trying to eat more fruits and vegetables? Let VeggiDome be your healthy-eating partner” to reach your health and diet goals.

Keeping fresh vegetables within reach keeps healthy eating top of mindYou and your family will be eating more healthy, plant-based foods and fewer  processed foods.

Innovative Quality & Construction

The hand-blown glass biodome creates a moist atmosphere to keep vegetables fresh.

The VeggiDome
  • Natural Humidity

    The air within the VeggiDome is humid, like the air inside a lush greenhouse. Vegetables drink from the humid airkeeping them fresh without refrigeration.

  • Fresh All Day

    Ethylene plant gas escapes throughout the day. This prevents your produce from wilting and keeps it fresh for days.

  • Quick Snacks

    Fresh, flavorful, nutritious veggies are accessible anytime for a healthy meal or snack! Eat more veggies, eat less junk/processed food, feel great!

  • Living Color

    Beautiful veggies will add color to your living space and a bright future for a better, healthier life.

See how it works.

An inside look at how this science-backed vegetable biodome keeps your produce fresh and ready to eat at room temperature for 4 to 6 days or longer!


Don't just take our word for it!

Finally, my kids are eating carrots instead of cookies.

“After-school snacks have a whole new meaning in our house.

“Even my husband is eating healthier now.

“This has been the easiest way for me to get healthier and trim my waistline.

“Now I can truly see that my diet is working.