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Keep fresh fruits and vegetables at your fingertips with the Fruit&VeggiePOD™!

Duncan Burns invented the clear glass tabletop produce server and saver to encourage his family to eat healthier. The VeggiDome Fruit&VeggiePOD™ puts vegetables and fruit on display and ready to eat to make them more convenient than ever. Think "Outside the Icebox" for fast prep and presentation!

Fruit&VeggiePod: The "Cookie Jar" for fresh, whole produce at your fingertips!

The VeggiDome: Fruit&VeggiePOD™ is the science-backed helper that creates just-right humidity so produce won’t dehydrate or wilt. Here's how it works: Ethylene is the hormone that ripens produce. The pod lid allows natural ethylene as to escape while keeping moisture in. This helps boost freshness. Simply wash and trim the vegetables and fruit. Now, Several days of fresh produce is ready to eat. Duncan Burns invented the Fruit&VeggiePOD for veggies. Then, customers asked about using it for fruit. That brought about a transformative AH-HA moment: The Fruit&VeggiePOD also works well with fruit (summer fruits/stone fruits) like peaches, apricots and plums and more. Every home environment is different, so experiment to see what works best in your kitchen and region.

The Fruit&VeggiePOD™ serves as a visual reminder to eat healthy. And, even better, the container helps reduce food waste. You now see when veggies are at its optimal ripeness for your taste. Did you know that, on average, about 30% of the produce we buy is forgotten and then tossed out. VeggiDome's Fruit&VeggiePOD™ is the breakthrough we've been craving. Now fresh whole produce is no longer out-of-sight, out-of-mind. And, even big kids don't have to ask permission to snack! 



How it works


The Glass "Cookie Jar" LID allows the plant's natural ethylene gases to escape (Ethylene is a plant growth hormone that is responsible for fruits and veggies to ripen). This purposely sits loosely on the pod.

The Clear Glass pod creates a moist atmosphere to keep plants alive. Plants are mostly water, and that water contains the nutrients and flavor our bodies crave and need.

The Stainless Steel COLANDER allows water to drip onto the base plate. This prevents bacteria from forming.

The sturdy Glass PLATE supports the colander and dome. It collects water from freshly washed produce.


Size of the Fruit&VeggiePOD™

•.   Length 12'' in. •  Width 8 1/2"in. •  Height 7"   •


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Learning to use the Fruit&VeggiePOD

An active Fruit&VeggiePOD™ device has a rhythm. A certain ..balance. You put in YOUR food. You eat what you choose, when you want. It's personal. Like learning how to ride a bike.
Like learning how to ride a bike?
It makes more sense when you are moving forward with it.
It turns out to be pretty easy. 
Load your Fruit&VeggiePOD and eat from it. “Eat your veggies.”
As you learn the rhythm of your household, there will be less spoilage. I’ve gone for 10 months now without throwing ANYTHING away. You’ll realize not to put broken or bruised veggies in. Those damaged parts need to be cut away. Load it up, it looks pretty. AND eat from it.
Eat from it. Eat a piece right away, to get it started. It’s not about storing vegetables for a long, long time, (although some lettuce leaves last for weeks) it’s about displaying vegetables that you’re going to EAT in upcoming days.. Food, ready on your table, makes eating veggies easy!