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What are the best vegetables to keep in my VeggiDome?

Best results are achieved with fresh, unprocessed, unpeeled whole vegetables. Select as many veggies as you would like to eat in the next few days. Most vegetables work great in the VeggiDome, however, some vegetables that are particularly sensitive to ethylene should be eaten within the first couple days. This includes kale, broccoli, and cauliflower. If you are storing already cut vegetables in the dome, eat within the next day.

Can I keep fruits in the VeggiDome?
Yes, you can. The VeggiDome is great for fruits that you would like to ripen—stone fruits like peaches and plums, ripen well in the dome, as do avocados. Do not store apples or bananas in the dome, as they will make everything else ripen too fast!

How does the VeggiDome work?
The cookie jar-like design allows for naturally occurring ethylene to escape the dome at the lid, keeping it from spoiling the produce. The dome also creates a humid environment where the veggies are able to stay hydrated and fresh but not too much that they wilt.

What happens if I accidentally break a piece?
Replacement pieces are available HERE!

How do I care for my VeggiDome?
Simply wash, fill with veggies, eat and enjoy!
More details for care found HERE.

Do you have any good recipes using the VeggiDome?
Yes! In fact, you can find a link to 9 awesome recipes HERE!