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Be Part of the Mass Launch of Fruit&VeggiePOD™ and more!  

The worlds first “Healthy Lifestyle Influencer”

  • Brings fresh fruits and veggies front and center
  • Helps reduce produce waste  so important to continued health

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Meet Our Team:

Duncan Burns

Duncan Burns Chairman of the Board

Creator of the Fruit&VeggiePOD™ focused on expanding products of the VeggiDome product line

Trevor Andersen

Trevor Andersen Interim Chief Executive Officer

Operations & Finance Executive that has successfully re-booted 5 diverse businesses, secured over $250M in new revenues and expanded contracts, and helped shape 3 successful company startups.

Pat Fiore Chief Marketing Officer

Deep expertise in high trending, experiential industries and rare technologies. At the forefront of launching iconic brands in the natural and organic markets globally.

Michael Stillitano Chief Financial Officer

A preeminent financial planner, manager, and leader, with a great depth of experience in diverse industries from transportation and logistics to medical, professional services, industrial companies, and much more.


John Salley Partner and Spokesman

~ 4X NBA Champion on 3 separate teams
~ Successful businessman, actor, restaurateur, talk show host, wellness advocate and master vegan chef.

In Kind I/nvestment of $350k

Active In Outreach ~

  • World Class Athletes, Musicians, Actors
  • Health Advocates
  • Authors, Community Leaders

~ John believes in leaving the world a healthier place for all.


We are poised to mass-market "the next new thing for healthy lifestyles." It brings a positive influence for eating fresh fruit and vegetables on a Daily basis, using basic biology....in the kitchen, on your counter, or in your office.

VeggiDome's Fruit&VeggiePOD™ has sold over 7,000 units in test markets, has IP in place including 3 design patents and a Utility Patent, John Salley has joined in partnership and as a spokesman, and we have established strategic relationships with nutritionists, medical doctors, sports athletes, chefs, and more.

Become a Partner on this Great Team!!