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Directions for Use: 

  1. Wash the Fruit&VeggiePOD™ with soap and water.
  2. Wash and trim your fresh vegetables. Vegetables can be left whole or halved. Avoid or minimize peeling or chopping, to reduce cuts on the vegetable surfaces.
  3. Place vegetables in the Fruit&VeggiePOD, and place on your counter or table.
  4. Eat the vegetables. Eat from the Fruit&VeggiePOD™ twice a day or more. This action helps the atmospheric balance created by the living plant tissues, so your vegetables stay fresher longer. Good for the plants, better for you!


First Time


Start with a simple grouping:

  • 5 to 7 Celery Sticks
  • 5 to 7 Whole Carrots
  • Several Lettuce Leaves
  • Add a few choice vegetables you like

Put the top on and enjoy later.

Making a Veggie Friendly Kitchen

When your Fruit&VeggiePOD gets empty, take EVERY vegetable out on the counter.

  1. Bring out what's in the fridge & open the bags from your market
  2. Select and rinse as many favorite veggies as you would like to eat in the next few days, such as:
    Celery Radishes Brussels Sprouts
    Carrots Green Beans Bok Choi
    Lettuce Sugar Pea Pods Bell Peppers
    Kale Parsnips Cucumbers
  3. With all this veggie passion, don't overfill or bury things! Keep all your choices in sight. Don't pack it tight! Then, eat at least two veggies from your Fruit&VeggiePOD per day.
  4. You can try fruit, for ripening. Peaches, plums and even halved avocadoes ripen nicely in the Dome. But the Fruit&VeggiePOD™ was designed for veggies. Apples don't need ripening, so keep them in the fridge!

Always use a clean knife, clean colander, and clean surfaces to wash and cut the fresh vegetables. Use a clean cutting surface. Absolutely avoid any unclean surface or any cutting board that has been used for meat.

Actively eat the vegetables every day, that's how a Fruit&VeggiePOD works best!