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Freshness Test at FSNS Labs in Los Angeles

FDA Approved Lab Test: Veggidome's Fruit&VeggieKeeper

Some folks like to know if this concept of placing washed fruits and vegetables out of the fridge, in a protected space on your table, is in fact safe ...and how long do they stay "fresh"?

I say "fresh" because many look towards when the produce was harvested. I look at the fact that the plant products placed in humid, protected environments are... still alive. 

Regardless, I respect the science as well as any (both my brothers are research scientists, although not connected to this food lab) so we brought VeggiDome Fruit&VeggieKeeper™ samples to the labs at Food Safety Net Services (FSNS) in Los Angeles. Here is some of the documentation and results for you to see.

Summary: The organoleptic analysis showed that the odor and texture of the carrot and celery samples stored in the Fruit&VeggieKeeper remained normal for at least 5 days.