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VeggiDome Testimonials



I'm still enjoying the Fruit&VeggiePOD in my kitchen and have definitely been eating more vegetables as a result of this product!    :-)

– Blake Riley

So far, it has been great and it also looks beautiful! 

– Prisca Gloor, Ph.D.   Clinical Psychologist

It's really beautiful. A canvas we will keep adding to and enjoying.

– Alicia Freedman   True Renew Consulting and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

This is an awesome product. I think I need one for the studio now! :)  So more people get to see how amazing this works.

– Kitty Ward   Ageless Yoga Studio  Lexington, Ky

Just to say.. crisp, fabulous, love it!... ur a star, ur Fruit&VeggiePOD  are destined for world wide distribution.

– Marlene Watson-Tara   UK <marlene@macrovegan.org>

It is totally working i.e. We are all eating veggies.  Plus it looks so nice.  After a reasonable trial period: The Fruit&VeggiePOD has SIGNIFICANTLY radically increased the amount of raw vegetables that our family consumes. I just had a carrot for breakfast with my coffee. And it’s good. Who would have thought?  Another VeggiDome win. Thanks for making this happen!

–  Matt Lewis, Ph.D.   Rand Corporation   Santa Monica, CA

The Fruit&VeggiePOD has exceeded my expectations, it’s great to see my wilted old lettuce from the fridge come alive in the Veggidome! Where have you been all my life?  Ingenious :) Thank you again.

–  Jenifer Anisman   Attorney  Marina Del Rey, CA

What a great start to my day!  Thank you for a product that will be happily & healthily used for a long time!

–  Diane Bianchetta   Volunteer at geriatric, health, & home care  Boston, MA

Looks so pretty, full of veggies.  Even my carnivore husband was seen snacking !

-  Sandra Shillitoe