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Increase Healthy Veggie Consumption by 50%
Feel Energized & Strong!


No Need To Buy More. Just Enjoy The Ones You Already Have.

You know the saying. Out of sight, out of mind. The average American household spends $3,000 per year on fresh produce. A whopping FIFTY percent of that gets thrown out. Why? Because veggies live in the bottom of refrigerators, soon to be forgotten about until they start to grow legs and walk their way to the trash.

Fed up with throwing $1,500 away every year?
Tired of stocking up on veggies one week, only to throw them out the next? Looking for a super simple way to keep your veggies fresher for longer?


Healthy, Vibrant Living In Five Simple Steps

Step 1: Purchase your usual quality produce
Step 2: Wash the produce you plan to eat that week (don't worry, you will eat it!)
Step 3: Drain any excess water before placing produce into the VeggiDome
Step 4: Stand back and marvel at your beautiful new dining room centerpiece
Step 5: Enjoy fresh produce, every day, without the fuss


The VeggiDome



  • Radically improve health and energy
  • Feel sharper, stronger, happier
  • Cut produce wastage to practically zero
  • Save avg. $1,500 per year


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    We're on a mission to grow the VeggiDome community. We believe in eating healthy, fresh produce every day, minimizing food wastage, and feeling great along the way! Come and talk to us about how you can get involved with this exciting new product.

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