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Fruit&VeggiePOD™ PreSales Promotion 2024

For all loyal health advocates, Fruit&VeggiePOD is kicking off 2024 with exclusive batches of Fruit&VeggiePODs™


For the health of your clients~

Helping: Doctors, Nutritionists, Trainers, Health Food Retailers, Farm-to-Table Restaurants, and more!  

Discounted prices for orders of 20, 50, 75, and 100 Units 
New Design, Improved Shape for delivery in early Q2 2024
Pre-sales discount price, available in batch orders only.

Fruit&VeggiePOD™ is an "agent of change"that keeps fruits and veggies fresh and alive, while it visibly places them front and center to influence healthier eating.

The POD keeps moisture in and creates a protected, humid environment that keeps produce fresh without wilting or drying out. The lid allows natural ethylene gas to escape so all fruits and vegetables stay fresh longer.

Now, with your fruits and veggies in clear sight, you will always make healthier choices.