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VeggiDome Thoughts

I’ve been using the VeggiDome for years now, so when someone new tries the VeggiDome I actually have to stop an think about the advice I give. My family eats LOTS of veggies from it, I’m not having any problems with it. I'm often buying, washing, trimming and piling vegetables in EVERY DAY, but I won't complain, everyone is staying quite healthy. I've got a rhythm with how I fill my VeggiDome. I keep it simple, too.
I put in lots of large celery sticks, peeled carrots, radishes, sugar peas and peppers that I’ve washed, and trimmed. 
As I put the lid on, I know that these veggies COULD last more than a couple days on the table. Typically in my household all the veggies are eaten and GONE pretty quickly!  
When I hear stories of people having problems with spoilage, I’m hard-pressed to give them advice. What are they putting in, what shape are the veggies, how beat up is the produce. I figure, here are some GUIDELINES:
1.  Eat from the VeggiDome at least once or twice a day, that way you’ll keep an eye on what’s maybe not lasting long. EAT THEM
2.  Keep it simple, like I said, celery, carrots, radishes... Veggies that ARE IN GOOD SHAPE. Also try vegetables that you will pick up and eat immediately. That’s it! GRAB AND GO VEGGIES.
3. If you do juicing, then yes you can keep leafy vegetables in there, but make that juice every day, so that you’re not keeping greens in “storage” for a long time. 
Remember the main reason you bought the vegetables, is not to store them, but to have them ready to eat!
Have a look at this video of how I load a VeggiDome near my sink.