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“Misty Nights, Happy  Veggies”

“Misty Nights, Happy Veggies”

In this one minute video you can watch 11 days of veggie activity.

I made a discovery when I completed this video! (Something that was right in front of me, all the time!)

For this piece I show the time, speed, then I added a “night moisture” title to show how occasionally the Dome has water on its sides. 

Then I watched the video. 

Every time the Dome “misted up” it  was at the same time, after midnight and just before dawn. Just like clockwork!  

I never knew that. 

The veggies start the day surrounded by a misted glass, every morning.

A gentle way to start the day!

I know some of you have seen the Time Lapse footage made on our kitchen table before, and this will probably be the final video like this because IT ALMOST TAKES 3 WEEKS TO MAKE A 1MINUTE SHOT! so this wraps up having to have a tripod next to the dining table all the time!  But check it out, we are able to see some cool things on this video!