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Learning to use the VeggiDome

Learning to use the VeggiDome

I’ve been using a VeggiDome for over 12 years. I eat often from it. Kitchens without a VeggiDome on the counter, seem kind of bare. If you travel often or don't eat at home, maybe it might not be for you. For active homes, it can be great! You just put vegetables in, and then eat them over the next few days.

An active VeggiDome device has a rhythm. A certain ..balance. You put in YOUR food. You eat what you choose, when you want. It's personal. Like learning how to ride a bike.
Like learning how to ride a bike:
It turns out to be pretty easy. 
It makes more sense when you are moving forward with it. Load your VeggiDome and eat from it. “Eat your veggies.”
As you learn the rhythm of your household, there will be less spoilage. I’ve gone for 10 months now without throwing ANYTHING away. You’ll realize not to put broken or bruised veggies in. Those damaged parts need to be cut away. Load it up, it looks pretty. AND eat from it.
Eat from it. Eat a piece right away, to get it started. It’s not about storing vegetables for a long, long time, (although some lettuce leaves last for weeks) it’s about displaying vegetables that you’re going to EAT in upcoming days.. Food, ready on your table, makes eating veggies easy!
I really do want you all to have a wonderful veggie experience. I look forward to your inquiries in 2020. 

Sending best regards,