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I’m using the veggidome today because..

I’m using the veggidome today because..

Reasons that I have chosen to use the VeggiDome
I’m pushing away diseases like diabetes, cancers and heart disease
I’m eating more plant based foods
I’m saving money by not wasting food
I’m doing my part for the environment
I’m losing weight and have more energy
I’m seeing veggies and eating them
I’m making a commitment to really care for those I love
I’m leading by example
I’m leading a healthier lifestyle with the veggidome

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Feb 11, 2019 • Posted by Dave

I’m using the VeggieDome for all the reasons above and more. Go ahead and laugh, I placed it on my coffee table. You have flowers or a plant on your coffee table? Take a second look, it’s a piece of art. Mine is filled with baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, plums, radishes, kiwi (the skin is edible), multi-colored baby carrots, avocados, and more. It’s a piece of colorful art that makes it inviting. I’m surprised I’m eating as much vegetables and stuff that I am. It’s made eating the vegetables and stuff easier. I spend more time in the living room. It seems like I’m constantly eating, it’s really just cherry tomato two radishes, latter a kiwi a green bean, latter something else. Some times I`m busy doing something, now I can grab something easy and healthy, and in arms reach. I know if all the way to the kitchen I’m grabbing the bag of chips, it’s a guy thing. LOL!

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