Finally, Veggi's Have a Home!   

The VeggiDome brings veggi's out of hiding in the fridge, and into plain view... so you eat them!


Keeping Vegetables Fresh On Your Table for Days.

Admit it. You have veggi's spoiling somewhere in your refrigerator right now!

 One less thing you have to worry about. Good food always on the table.

VeggiDome is coming to the following festivals. We would love to meet you!

Feb 23rd-25th   Desert Living Home Show at the Palm Springs Convention Center

March 17th-18th  The Scottsdale Vegan Beer & Food Festival

March 25th    The North Hollywood Vegan Street Fair 2018

April 6th-8th   The Portland Home and Garden Show

April 20th-22nd  The CA Home and Garden Show, Santa Clara County Fairgrounds

May 6th   Encino, Woodley Park VegFest LA

May 19th-20th  Marin Home and Garden Expo

May 19th-20th Costa Mesa 360 Health Connection

...and many more to come!



VeggiDome provides healthy habits that last a lifetime.

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