Whenever you wash some vegetables for a salad or a snack, just wash about 3 or 4 times the amount you were just about to eat.  Then just trim and put the extra veggies into the VeggiDome and they will be fresh for the next time you feel hungry!  It's recommended to put in all the different types of fresh vegetables you have, because then you have a variety to choose from.  A good method to think of is that the VeggiDome is where you put clean whole veggies, until right before you chop into salads or other meals. You can try fruit, but this was designed for vegetables. 

You can place them in dripping from rinsing, but don't add water.  Even unwashed veggies transpire enough humidity on their own, to make the life-affirming atmosphere, so don't mind if they aren't wet! The VeggiDome can be placed in any room, under varying conditions. Don't get too into experimenting with extremes, like temperature or length in days - The veggies are food - Eat them!  Constant direct sunlight is no problem, although it makes "plant things" happen faster like; growing and having old leaves start to turn yellow.  Placing them in a visible spot allows them to be a reminder, and is decorative in your household.