VeggiDome Testimonials

I'm still enjoying the Veggidome in my kitchen and have definitely been eating more vegetables as a result of this product!   :-)

– Blake Riley


So far, it has been great and it also looks beautiful! 

– Prisca Gloor, Ph.D.   Clinical Psychologist


It's really beautiful. A canvas we will keep adding to and enjoying.

– Alicia Freedman   True Renew Consulting and T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies


This is an awesome product. I think I need one for the studio now! :)  So more people get to see how amazing this works.

– Kitty Ward   Ageless Yoga Studio  Lexington, Ky


Just to say.. crisp, fabulous, love it!... ur a star, ur veggie domes are destined for world wide distribution.

– Marlene Watson-Tara   UK <[email protected]>


It is totally working i.e. We are all eating veggies.  Plus it looks so nice.  After a reasonable trial period: The VeggiDome has SIGNIFICANTLY radically increased the amount of raw vegetables that our family consumes. I just had a carrot for breakfast with my coffee. And it’s good. Who would have thought?  Another VeggiDome win. Thanks for making this happen!

–  Matt Lewis, Ph.D.   Rand Corporation   Santa Monica, CA


The Veggidome has exceeded my expectations, it’s great to see my wilted old lettuce from the fridge come alive in the Veggidome! Where have you been all my life?  Ingenious :) Thank you again.

–  Jenifer Anisman   Attorney  Marina Del Rey, CA


What a great start to my day!  Thank you for a product that will be happily & healthily used for a long time!

–  Diane Bianchetta   Volunteer at geriatric, health, & home care  Boston, MA


Looks so pretty, full of veggies.  Even my carnivore husband was seen snacking !

-  Sandra Shillitoe