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Terms of Service, Disclaimer

VeggiDome neither guarantees nor warrants production lead-times, shipment delivery dates, or inventory availability. In the event that any VeggiDome product fails to  perform as warranted, VeggiDome's sole responsibility and Purchaser's Sole and Exclusive Remedy under any warranty, contract, negligence, or other claim of liability shall be limited to a refund of VeggiDome's original selling price or replacement of the product, F.O.B. shipping. In no event shall VeggiDome be liable for costs incurred FOR ANY INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

DISCLAIMER ON IMPLIED WARRANTIES FOR VEGGIDOME PRODUCT: VEGGIDOME MAKES NO OTHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED REPRESENTATION OR WARRANTY OF ANY KIND REGARDING THE PRODUCT, WHETHER AS TO MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS OR PARTICULAR PURPOSE OR USE, OR ANY OTHER MATTER. In particular, VeggiDome assumes no responsibility for glass breakage, improper usage, failure of products on account of improper handling, or failure to follow VeggiDome’s instructions regarding the products. No distributor, VeggiDome representative, agent, or employee has the authority to alter or change any VeggiDome product warranty, either orally or in writing.