VeggiDome Staying In Touch

Hi All You Wonderful VeggiDome Supporters, 

I recently have been prodded by a few folks to send out more messages, you know, keep in touch! (at least that's an indicator that I'm not bugging you too much, right?)

Launching a socially conscious company to help people upgrade their kitchens, help them achieve a healthy diet with a smart, simple tool ... has been tough without the proper sales and marketing funds in place. I know that will come, as someone recognizes the splendid investment opportunity that VeggiDome LLC presents. We do have the paperwork for those interested.

In the meantime, we will keep stepping this forward. This Friday we just ordered another 6000 VeggiDomes, so here comes Phase 2!!  ...I've seen wonderful "thank you" comments:

"So far, I have eaten more vegetables, because they are there. Even when I made a tomato salad, I put some greens in. I would not have opened the fridge and tried to find the lettuce! So far, it has been great and it also looks beautiful!"

   – Prisca Gloor, Ph.D.   Clinical Psychologist

"So far we are loving Veggidome.  It is totally working i.e. We are all eating veggies.  Plus it looks so nice. I just had a carrot for breakfast with my coffee: a new experience for me.  And it’s good.  Who would have thought?  It was right there on the counter, I saw it as I made my morning coffee, and I tried it.  Another VeggiDome win. Thanks for making this happen!"

  –    Matt Lewis    Rand Corporation      Manhattan Beach, CA

"Just to say.. crisp, fabulous, love it!... ur a star, ur veggie domes are destined for world wide distribution."

   – Marlene Watson-Tara UK

..And folks, I have gotten a few complaints which we try to guide and send help to. Overall, it's been really quiet from all the 1450 people that received VeggiDomes and I'm wondering whether not some people need another NUDGE to get the VeggiDome out of its box! Folks, it only takes a couple minutes to get it going!

Also, please send back answers to the few questions below.

Sending best regards,



A. I've got the VeggiDome out of the box and I'm using it.

B. I've got the VeggiDome out of the box and I used it once or twice but now it's empty.

C. it's still in the box.


A. I gave it some tries but I had difficulty with spoilage.*

B. I use it all the time, I'm always munching from it.

C. I still need to go to the grocery store.

* If you have problems, please, please take photographs of it and send it to me.