VeggiDome: Simple Tool, Like a Hammer : )

VeggiDome 9 Single 2.png

The reason I've brought up VeggiDome being a simple tool, like a hammer, is that Anything can be made complicated! Some people make a career of making things complicated. 

You wash the vegetables, trim them, and put them into the VeggiDome. Then, very important: You eat the vegetables. Actively. Eating them is not a difficult task, however, because... The veggies are on your table! When you eat at least two veggies from it per day, it helps the atmosphere inside, and it helps you. Simple. Like a hammer is, simple. 

But I say that with a smile, because all tools demand consideration. A hammer can hit your thumb, bend the nail, dent the wood, get lost in the tool-shed, etc. But you don't throw it away if you have trouble with it consider how to use it best.

Same with the VeggiDome. Example: If you normally juice a lot of kale, then put a bunch of kale in. It's great to just grab clean veggies and toss'em in the blender! But be considerate, because big kale leaves that are older when picked will begin to yellow after 3 days (like it's growing on the plant still,) so consider piling in as much kale as you might juice up during the next 2 or 3 days.

People like to request a competition between the refrigerator and the VeggiDome. But that's not the point. You don't toss out one tool, just because you have a new one. It's better to keep your fresh vegetables by using a combination of these tools.  I don't want to state the obvious, but the VeggiDome and fridge are different.  Just like your hammer and a door knocker are different.  They both bang, but you don't stop using the door knocker just because you now own a hammer!

The VeggiDome is for cleaned, trimmed, ready to eat vegetables to be out on your table, where they'll get eaten. The fridge? That's where you've got the rest of the veggies, waiting to get into the Dome!