The VeggiDome Social Venture Gets Nominated!

Nomination for an award from the Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles! 

Breaking: VeggiDome Recognized by Sustainable Business Council L.A. for Its Invention and Business Model

VeggiDome is gaining traction in the eco community as our first consumer product is about to arrive at the Port of Los Angeles. In the next weeks, 2000 reserved VeggiDomes will go out as we prepare to fully launch our social venture. Now, VeggiDome is a finalist for the Sustainable Business Council Award for a Seedling company.  

You can read VeggiDome's essay submission (below) and consider voting for us before April 15, 2017 and share! Awards night is April 19th in Los Angeles.

Here's the link to VOTE!


VeggiDome Veggies April MCU side.jpg


VeggiDome is a seedling: a social venture aiming to make a difference in the kitchen and in the world. The VeggiDome consumer product is a sleek glass tabletop vegetable saver and server. It's purpose is to keep veggies out of the fridge - under its dome on the table - crisp and ready to eat for four days or more.

The function and design of the VeggiDome is science-based, tapping the capacity of plant biology. Veggies stay fresh because ethylene gases escape through its loose lid and moisture stays in. The benefits:

  • People see colorful crisp veggies, eat a more plant-based diet and become healthier.
  • Money is not wasted on produce forgotten in the fridge.
  • Methane emissions in landfills are curbed, positively affecting the environment.

The invention by Duncan Burns has moved beyond the proof-of-concept stage after being kid-tested at home, market-tested at expos, lab-tested for food safety, and crowdfunded with pre-orders. Our supporters, prototype testers, reviewers and advocates agree the VeggiDome is ready for market adoption. Burns and company present the an opportunity to make impact in people's lives, in many ways.

Is this important? Consider these industry and audience sectors.

  • Disease and Obesity Prevention: heart disease, cancers, diabetes and more
  • Weight Loss Industry
  • The Healthy Lifestyle Social Sector
  • Food Waste Prevention
  • The Housewares Market

VeggiDome is at the leading edge of four significant multibillion-dollar industries and one trillion dollar sector. Our conversations and research conclude that we can market our consumer product and make impacts in all of these sectors.

  • Market adoption will make its impacts a driver of the food revolution.
  • Its Impacts on healthier eating will solve quality of life health issues.
  • Market saturation stands to impact larger segments of the population around the world.

Our Values are heart-based. We have lofty aims:

  • to sell VeggiDomes so consumers will eat healthier, enjoy a lasting positive experience, and be our first generation of loyal advocates.
  • to engage a salesforce of individuals and groups; selling and sharing among networks.
  • to utilize this affiliate sales program with generous commissions for local and national groups to fundraise for programs, and for individuals to earn income.
  • to keep doing it with more innovative earth friendly products.