The Arrival of the VeggiDome Advantage

Hi All,

Duncan here, I'm so happy that VeggiDomes are being recognized by the green and sustainable communities for our method to cut food waste. At the same time, we have received kudos for providing a kitchen device that will help children eat more fresh vegetables. It's been an amazing journey, from trying to have vegetables for my children to grab from the table, to becoming part of two huge movements:

1. The passionate Plant-based Vegan/Vegetarian movement, paired with the growing number of Doctors who are promoting plant-based diets. 

2. The surging End Food Waste or Zero Food Waste movements that are joining international memberships, making political strides forward, and changing laws to place less burden on our shared resources. I'm hoping that VeggiDome can make a difference on the home front.

It's heartening to see the positive trends.  We have a long way to climb, but with the goal of health for others and health for our planet, the solutions will be in hand.  Just keep eating your vegetables, you'll need them!