Your VeggiDome in Motion

The operation or "engine" of the VeggiDome is clear:  Put clean vegetables on the table and eat them. Go out to work or anywhere, come back, and eat them. 

There they are, ready to eat, still.  But it's not all simple, people have personal feelings about food and have select ways to handle it.

Questions come to me, mostly about "how long" certain vegetables last. We here at VeggiDome say "out on the table for 4 to 6 days" because that's a pretty safe guess. It was designed for 5 to 7 days. Different circumstances make for different results.  Plants do plant-things. If they're bruised or broken they might last less time. If they are young sprouts or leaves, they can last many weeks (I've had a romaine lettuce leaf last for 20+ days and it only suffered because it was taken out and touched, in amazement, too many times!)

The plants are alive. Veggidome broccoli should be eaten soon, because broccoli are flower buds, which open! Vegetables with complex surfaces like broccoli or fuzzy surfaces like zucchini, do not last as well if kept wet, or has several cuts.  I have very good results when the VeggiDome is kept less wet, (except when you've just washed them.) Don't worry about forgetting to put the lid back on for an hour - "dry" works well for VeggiDome, and 5 minutes after the lid is on, all is well again!

There are some vegetables that are best eaten quickly whether a fridge or VeggiDome. Like - green beans and pea pods.. eat them soon, within 2 days.  If you ever picked them, you'll know they are best eaten off the vine!