Vegetables Are Vital, and They're Alive!

VeggiDome Greens

One reason that we’re throwing away so many fresh vegetables is because we can’t relate to them.  We don’t pause for minute and think “Hmm, these chunks of food in the twister bags are not just from plants – They still are plants!” And even if we do get the clue in calling it “plant-based food” (light bulb here) we try wacky things like pouring a little water in the bag to help them have a drink. Bagged in water, they’ll start to rot immediately.Fresh Produce is pretty fantastic stuff, and I think many of us are still not understanding the basics. We seem to only pay attention to veggies when we're hungry!  Delicate commodities those greens; too bad we're throwing so many away. And now I’ve found out from two sources that, yes, They’re Alive!

“It's a testament to the amazing vitality of plants and the fact that vegetables remain partly alive, even after we've harvested them.”   From the The George Mateljan Foundation

Vegetables are living plant organs which when growing exhibit all the features indicative of plant life, such as respiration, transpiration, synthesis and degradation of chemical constituents, and possibly also photosynthesis as well. When harvested, the produce is at once removed from a source of water, mineral and organic nutrients, but it remains living.” From the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

That’s why they are so good for us, because all those nutrients, proteins, minerals, etc. come in a live package. In order to not throw away so much spoiled vegetables we have to acknowledge their needs…as plants.