U.S. Aren't Eating Enough Veggies, Not Even Close

VeggiDome Carrots

It has become common knowledge that fresh vegetables help reduce heart disease, risk of cancer, help prevent weight problems and many of the major ailments we face.  Over the past decade Americans and Europeans have been increasing their demands for fresh vegetables.  Also, it has been easier to find various fresh plant-based foods in our markets, even organic veggies are a lot more available.

So, we should be doing great!  But no, it turns out that in terms of vegetables we are nowhere near the goal.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has completed an analysis which concludes that "only 13.1% of American adults eat enough fruits and only 8.9% eat enough vegetables."

8.9% is not even close!  Somehow we've got to climb that big hill. I think using the VeggiDome and keeping clean veggies in sight, works beautifully.  We'll just have to find more ways to get veggies in front of people and serve'em up!