Tossing Perfectly Good Food Out

VeggiDome Potato

I just read an article in the Wash Post, and the subject is important, "We’re throwing away tons of fruits and veggies for not being pretty enough"

I've grown enough fruits and vegetables so as I grew up I just remember eating whatever got picked, or even picked up!
It's kind of daunting to know that tons and tons of fresh produce will never even be brought to markets.  It would take a widespread movement to make a difference and to bring the "odd" ones to the supermarket. At least there is now one country, France, that has made it illegal for the markets themselves, to throw edible food away! Vive la révolution!

Yes, it would be a further movement to be more inclusive in what can be brought the market.  But still, an amazing amount of food gets thrown away before it travels from the farms... It's going to have to change along the lines of a Political movement, an acceptance in Consumer Demands .

Right here, for now, I'm interested in is changing what WE do once it comes into our households.  We can make a direct difference in our homes, almost immediately. No. not by eating more wilted food! (Hmm, maybe...  ) But by being more aware of how we might eat even the odd sizes and shapes that we bring home.