The Rhythm For No Vegetable Waste



I had to write this as I come in from the grocery store so I could follow my method.  
1. Empty the grocery bags, take all the vegetable bundles out. 
2. I take the veggies out of their bags one at a time, then wash and peel off outer leaves. The outer leaves are older, but just from the store these are tasty.  If you eat or put them in the VeggiDome first, then they won't be found spoiled later in the fridge!  
3.I like to wash and put in a healthy sample of each veggie.  Like 6 or 7 stalks of celery, 5 carrots, you get the idea.
By putting outer layers or older parts in the Dome 1st, then they are seen, eaten, go into the salad right away or get chopped to size for being cooked. Turned into veggie something.
Trying one day at a time: approaching Zero Waste.