Taking A Fresh Look


I'm exploring the topic of how we throw away fresh veggies in our households. I'd like to develop ways to cut down the waste.  We could view our plant based food with fresh eyes.  Vegetables from the store are not bagged pieces of salad. They're plants!  The smaller you chop them up, the quicker they oxidize, you know..spoil.

I know that if there is going to be a change in how we handle fresh produce, we need to change how we look at it. I use a VeggiDome so I'm actually looking at the vegetables differently, they're right here on the table!

Grocery stores are so darn convenient.  We go to the store and get bundles of various vegetables right off the shelves.  This convenience has distanced us from the whole process of planting, growing, caring, and harvesting fresh produce.  This is understandable, we've got a lot of other things to do! (Actually, whenever you do grow even a few edible plants, it is very rewarding..even therapeutic.)  Our lack of contact with the planting and growing makes people untrained to handle fresh food in their own kitchens. No wonder we're blowing it!  Lettuce App?