Same Old Throwaway Line


Throwing fresh food away is more than just throwing a wrapper or litter on the ground...

The waste occurs on many levels: waste of food, water, waste of labor, gasoline, transportation, land, fertilizer, boxes, bags, and time. We are also needlessly harder on the planet, as we continue to waste our money.
So much emphasis has been placed on recycling -  What about not throwing stuff away so fast!
From the past commentary of the John Oliver video to the recent cover of National Geographic Magazine-- we can see it's a topic that's not going to go away.
It's importance is showing.
I started this blog because we know in our heart that trying to make changes in our houses, in our
decisions with food, doesn't come about without applying methods or tools.  I feel that my VeggiDome has made a big difference in how I cook and handle vegetables throughout the week.
Without a change there, we just slip into the same old habits.
I know we can work towards saving the world, with a little bit of that good old