Moisture Loss is Cause For Fresh Vegetables Toss


We all point to the waste of big companies, but the biggest difference we can make is at our own households.
At home. How can We throw away less food once we buy it?
I read a food industry report about the problem of waste. It was pretty broad in it's scope,  "A huge amount of food in supermarkets is caused by moisture loss, spoilage, and other causes in stores."
THEN my eyes come upon a paragraph that starts, " The highest loss was for fresh mustard greens, with an average of 63.6 percent. A general lack of consumer knowledge of the product and its preparation may contribute to this high loss." WOW! 63.6% because of "a general lack ofconsumer knowledge." The article continues with why:  "Leafy greens are relatively more prone to moisture loss than many other types of produce and hence tend to have higher loss levels."  So stores and also consumers are throwing away more than half their greens because moisture is escaping the leaves. When I get back from a grocery trip I keep them in full moisture, I use a VeggiDome.