An Appeal to Stop Peeling

VeggiDome Carrot Peels

One way we can curb the waste of our fresh vegetables:  Don't throw away the peel!  It makes your veggies NAKED!

Actually, some people cook, fry, bake the peels into delicious delicacies which is great, but most peels are destined for the dumpster.  We've got to come up with a better answer than, "My mother did it this way." I eat peel because of the variety of nutrients they have to offer.  I'm sure I terrorized a few young kids who requested that I peel their apple or carrot before they would eat it as a snack, when I responded "Here kid. Try it with the peel."

I mean really, what's wrong with it? It's dirty, it's got bumps, it's grrross? We've got to think about what we're just throwing away because of a habit. First of all, many of the nutrients, good fiber, and benefits from veggies are from the skin. I've thought for a long time that almost all nutrients were in the peel, but after doing some research for this post, I found out that there are a lot of good things inside the vegetable pound for pound, too.  What is truly valuable, and why the peel shouldn't be thrown away is BECAUSE it's different, and offers additional various fibers and nutrients that would be missed.

So, sure, trim off what you don't want to eat, (although dirt can be actually good for you because of similar reasons, but that's another post to come!)  Instead of throwing away parts that are good for you, why not:

"Try it with the peel?"