Zero Waste For Fresh Veggies at Home


I think it's possible to have a goal with fresh veggies, that once we've brought them home we could attempt to throw zero of them away.  I can assure you the we buy the most gorgeous examples of fresh veggies in the world from our markets.  Not a blemish, odd protrusion, or rotten branch get by our selection grid.  

The Olympics Best Shaped Food! is what we see in the rows of fresh produce in our Markets.  First, the farmers allow only the Perfect! Celery and Carrots to ship out, not to mention they bust any bulbous Beets from being seen.  Then like some Miss America or Mr America pageant Award Winners, these cut veggie clumps make it to the shelves through the unerring eyes of snap Produce Clerks. Finally we look them over, scrutinize them, purchase the best! and throw 30-40% of it away? That's something that we can have an effect on.  We could stop it.  

I've started to collect a list of ways to curb vegetable loss at home. A few days ago my entry pronounced a list of four ideas called:  "Suggestions To Not Throw Vegetables Away in Your Home." Hmmm..not great writing, but now I've got a punchier title ~ Zero Waste For Fresh Veggies at HomeThe list is going to start like it did a few days ago, but I've decided of not just making it longer and longer...instead I'm going to try making each line, a category of action. So it's going to evolve.  Maybe it will evolve to being really long, but I hope not, because that wouldn't help people who don't have a lot of spare time.

So here goes:

           Zero Waste ~ For Fresh Veggies at Home
1     Close the Plastic Bags to keep Moisture in. I like twisters, yeah that's the ticket.
2     Be Inclusive, don't throw away odd shaped food, or odd shaped parts.
3     Eat the Peel, too.
4     Cook the parts you don't usually eat.  Like celery leaves.. cook them into your lentils dish, or rices, etc.
5.    Active Eating.  Put things that should be eaten soon up front, in view.
6.     Don't cut up the produce to small pieces, until just before serving.