Zero Veggie Waste at Home: All You Can Eat

VeggiDome Food Waste

I want to be straight with you.  I mean, 0% is a big number. Hmm.. that didn’t come out right.  Rather, when it comes to cutting down waste, as a Goal, zero can be an impossible number.  

I do know that after following the points described on my Zero Veggie Waste at Home List the fresh vegetable waste in my kitchen has dropped dramatically.  AND I need to point out here that I strictly don’t allow composters as “toss it in free zones.”  Because I don’t have a composter and I wouldn’t want you to have that avenue over me!  I used to have a composter and I do know that I threw more things in than I should have, because - what the heck, it’s going into the garden and coming back some day as a tomato!? NO! This is about buying those perfect veggies from the store and handling them in such a way that they don’t flop or flimp out on you, okay?  

I’ve come across a site which can give you guidance on everything in your life, I mean it’s like a catalog made from positive attitude and healthy life.  Greatest.comI found it by googling “food waste” and didn’t know until a few moments ago that the site has stuff from everything else on Earth, plus “29 Smart and Easy Tips to Reduce Food Waste” * By Laura Newcomer

I’m focused on Veggies, so I’m going to mention a few things from it here and then more, in a following post:
# 1 “Shop smart.  Buy items only when you have a plan for using them, and wait until perishables are all used ."
# 2 “Buy exactly what you need, try buying grains, nuts, and spices from bulk bins so you can measure out exactly what you need and don’t over-buy.”  #1 and #2 are similar; buying what you can eat up, so I'll put them together.

Okay, great. They make sense.  The only thing is that wow! You see that big gorgeous head of lettuce, bigger than all the others and you bring it back and your wife has already brought home two other heads of lettuce. Ah, Life.  I wonder if that’s in the site…What happens then? What happens is: That night when you have a midnight snack, you’re eating a lot of lettuce.  And guess what's for breakfast!

New one for my list:
Buy only as much as you can eat up, and if you make a mistake and over-buy - eat it up.

Zero Waste ~ For Fresh Veggies at Home
1     Close the Plastic Bags to keep Moisture in. Dude, twister it!
2     Be Inclusive, use parts you don't usually eat, like celery leaves or broccoli stems, or odd shaped parts, Cook them into your lentils dish, soups, or rices, etc. Eat the Peel, too.
3     Don't just dive into the center, "cannonballlll!" eat the outer leaves and stems 1st. The inner ones are going to last longer.
4   Don't chop the produce into small pieces, unless you're just about to serve'em.
5.    Active Eating.  Put things that should be eaten soon up front, center and in view.
6.    Buy only as much as you can eat up, and if you make a mistake and over-buy - eat it up.
7.  ... suggestions for more?