The Rap On WRAP

VeggiDome Lettuce.jpg

I love how gorgeous this lettuce looks, I mean there really is something heavenly and powerful that is naturally found in our food! I am interested in cutting back on waste in fresh produce, but that doesn't mean I should keep showing the waste in photos.  How about celebrating the beauty of our plant-based food!?

I have come across an inspired organization in England called WRAP (UK)* and I'd like to build a relationship with them, bring their knowledge and ideas to the USA. 

As a charity, WRAP seeks to address the key issues in "delivering a sustainable future for us all."  It focuses on the three priority areas- Food and Drink; Clothing and Textiles; and Electricals and Electronics. 

Of course I'm mostly interested in the Food and drink part. I love their slogan:  "Reduce Your Foodprint" Their ambition is to cut food waste in half by 2025. They offer guidance in how to package individual foods, where to store them, how large portions you should cook at a time, and how to work with "best by" dates.  Their Love Food Hate Waste site** offers an app that is Your Food Waste Assistant.

Good thinking, great ideas and they've already done much to help in the UK.