Questioning The Throwaway Norm

VeggiDome Romaine.jpg

I knew we waste a lot of veggies in the kitchen, like when when we cook, but until I saw the figure of 30-40% of fresh produce that we selectively purchase (that aren't on the market shelf unless they are perfect,)  I didn't know that it was something we could and should really do something about.

I mean the motivation would be there to truly change our ways, we're throwing away money because we just don't think about what can be done. Not just money, of course, it's food, labor, water, stress on the Earth.

I look at my own family, who love eating vegetables, but because of quick actions in getting a bite, just toss unsealed bags of veggies into the fridge.  This just wipes out a bunch of food in the next couple hours.  Folks think that just putting it back into the fridge unclosed is okay, the cold air will take care of the leaves.  But the cold dry air, that's as much a problem as warm dry air.  The norm here is to not think about fresh produce as ..plants.

We've been doing this for decades, it's time to think it through better.