More On the Zero Veggie Waste Idea

VeggiDome Lettuce

As I continue on my quest to throw Zero Vegetables Away, I am developing a list for methods that help this cause. I've written in more detail - the why's and how's - on additional posts, (note: links in sentences) and hope to add more, too.

Zero Waste ~ For Fresh Veggies at Home
1     Close the Plastic Bags to keep Moisture in.Twister it!
2     Be Inclusive, use parts you don't usually eat, like celery leaves or broccoli stems, or odd shaped parts, Cook them into your lentils dish, or rices, etc. Eat the Peel, too.
3     Don't just dive into the center, eat the outer leaves and stems 1st. The inner ones are going to last longer.
4   Don't chop the produce into small pieces, unless you're just about to serve'em.
5.    Active Eating.  Put things that should be eaten soon up front, center and in view.
6.     ... suggestions for more?