Conscious Storing ~ Active Eating

VeggiDome Expiration Dates.jpg

I was interested in reading about how to manage fresh produce better on the WRAP UK site: Love Food Hate Waste* and read the 1st section of the article: "Get familiar with your fridge and friendly with your freezer"  which recommended regular checking on Use By Date labels.  Good suggestion, but it didn't grab as an idea that was going to last for me, not consistently for a long period of time.  I knew I was going to forget to keep checking.

I know that dates are available on meat packages, but not on the veggies and fruit, plus I didn’t think of myself having to repeatedly pluck through my fridge like a foraging accountant.  Sometimes we can’t be so meticulous, especially when actually …we’re hungry!  

So, I came up with another concept, a mix of their idea and mine.  Sure, I'd try to be aware of food with due dates or ripening veggies coming old soon, but instead of putting those ones neatly away, those ones get first row middle.  Right on top of the pile.  I used to grow many of my vegetables and one thing I noticed was that other gardeners would waste much of their crops because they never, or belatedly, picked the fruits and veggies; leaving them to spoil.  I developed the concept of "Active Harvesting"  Thus I treated the gathering as much of the needed upkeep, or chores as say, watering or weeding.

I now say, let's throw less of our costly food away. Place the food in such a way that you can't avoid: "Active Eating!"