Bagged and Soon Gone

VeggiDome Bagged Veggies.jpg

The norm is now -  grab and serve what you want to eat, bag the rest, twist the wire if there is one, and toss the vegetables into the fridge. Much of the time, if your fridge is like this one, or just has a lot in it, you'll find the bag a few days later. 

No wonder we've got such a throwaway rate at home.  Although we can form a consensus, action committees or movements to alter how agribusinesses and markets waste good food, right now we can't do much about how many tons of produce are thrown away at the farms, then after the truck ride, and then dumped at the grocery stores. I'm going to look into political actions that may have started to work on this!  But we can change how we handle the food once it get into our home.  I am welcome to ideas and will look into this, too!  The methods need to fit into busy lifestyles and not use a lot of materials (I've seen videos of folks wrapping lettuce leaves in paper towels..that's not a long-term technique, seems wasteful,too.)