Baby Carrots are Not Babies, and Almost Aren’t Carrots

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I've got a "baby carrot" story that's a shocker. First of all, an article stated that you should buy the whole carrots, not the pre-peeled ones in bags, then it added,  "And note, “baby” carrots are not baby carrots, but baby “shaped” adult carrots!” *   

The info was on a valuable site I’ve come across, directed by the work of George Mateljan.
I've eaten "baby carrots" before, with suspicion, and knew they spoil pretty fast after you tear into the little bag. Now I know more of the story and it's not pretty. These bagged, pill-shaped pieces of vegetable matter were once growing in a field, I guess, but the processing has divorced them entirely from this natural state into something that we can throw into a shopping cart.  Maybe we should stop tossing them in the cart, it only encourages them!

They take the unsuspecting carrot, whatever the age or shape, cut'em smaller, then perform "coarse abrasion peeling," which rolls and scrapes the vegetable.  The food begins to degrade more quickly now because “coarse abrasion peeled carrots have higher growth rates” of microbes, yeasts and molds.**

Sometimes when carrots are peeled and packaged, then, let’s say they are poured onto a party plate, you see white edges and white-ish marks described as a “white blush.”  I don’t call it “white blush”, I don't have a name for it but they look like they’re dried out, dude nobody likes eating them at the party! The host may feel good about having healthy veggies at the table, but nobody’s going to eat them! 

Anyway, I’ve read “carrots with white blush are not unsafe to eat, and we have not seen evidence that they are less nourishing.” *   I would bet money that they are less nourishing …bring on a study! And they’re less nourishing if nobody’s going to eat them, put that in your study, too.. But here comes the scary part in the same article  “However, we do have concerns about the use of chlorine washes by manufacturers of baby carrots. These chlorine washes are used to help preserve these young, peeled-and-cut carrots. You can avoid exposure to these chlorine washes by purchasing whole carrots and cutting them at home.”   Yes, I agree, chlorine is out of the deal when I prepare fresh veggies!  Plus, the “coarse abrasion peeling scrapes microbes, inoculating them deeper into the vegetable tissue, perhaps even protecting them from the chlorinated washing solution. Abrasion peeling also caused considerable cellular damage, releasing large quantities of nutrients.” **

The scraped carrots are made to little orange pill shapes that rot faster, lose nutrients, and excel in growing microbes ...So they spray them with chlorine, which - doesn’t work as well, because the scraping buries the contaminants deeper into the food!  

Folks, sorry about the long blog today, but wow, we are selling these for parents to give to their kids! 

*   World's Healthiest Foods

**  Catherine Barry-Ryan1 & David O'Beirne