VeggiDome Staying In Touch

Hi All You Wonderful VeggiDome Supporters, 

I recently have been prodded by a few folks to send out more messages, you know, keep in touch! (at least that's an indicator that I'm not bugging you too much, right?)

Launching a socially conscious company to help people upgrade their kitchens, help them achieve a healthy diet with a smart, simple tool ... has been tough without the proper sales and marketing funds in place. I know that will come, as someone recognizes the splendid investment opportunity that VeggiDome LLC presents. We do have the paperwork for those interested.

In the meantime, we will keep stepping this forward. This Friday we just ordered another 6000 VeggiDomes, so here comes Phase 2!!  ...I've seen wonderful "thank you" comments:

"So far, I have eaten more vegetables, because they are there. Even when I made a tomato salad, I put some greens in. I would not have opened the fridge and tried to find the lettuce! So far, it has been great and it also looks beautiful!"

   – Prisca Gloor, Ph.D.   Clinical Psychologist

"So far we are loving Veggidome.  It is totally working i.e. We are all eating veggies.  Plus it looks so nice. I just had a carrot for breakfast with my coffee: a new experience for me.  And it’s good.  Who would have thought?  It was right there on the counter, I saw it as I made my morning coffee, and I tried it.  Another VeggiDome win. Thanks for making this happen!"

  –    Matt Lewis    Rand Corporation      Manhattan Beach, CA

"Just to say.. crisp, fabulous, love it!... ur a star, ur veggie domes are destined for world wide distribution."

   – Marlene Watson-Tara UK

..And folks, I have gotten a few complaints which we try to guide and send help to. Overall, it's been really quiet from all the 1450 people that received VeggiDomes and I'm wondering whether not some people need another NUDGE to get the VeggiDome out of its box! Folks, it only takes a couple minutes to get it going!

Also, please send back answers to the few questions below.

Sending best regards,



A. I've got the VeggiDome out of the box and I'm using it.

B. I've got the VeggiDome out of the box and I used it once or twice but now it's empty.

C. it's still in the box.


A. I gave it some tries but I had difficulty with spoilage.*

B. I use it all the time, I'm always munching from it.

C. I still need to go to the grocery store.

* If you have problems, please, please take photographs of it and send it to me.


VeggiDome: Simple Tool, Like a Hammer : )

VeggiDome 9 Single 2.png

The reason I've brought up VeggiDome being a simple tool, like a hammer, is that Anything can be made complicated! Some people make a career of making things complicated. 

You wash the vegetables, trim them, and put them into the VeggiDome. Then, very important: You eat the vegetables. Actively. Eating them is not a difficult task, however, because... The veggies are on your table! When you eat at least two veggies from it per day, it helps the atmosphere inside, and it helps you. Simple. Like a hammer is, simple. 

But I say that with a smile, because all tools demand consideration. A hammer can hit your thumb, bend the nail, dent the wood, get lost in the tool-shed, etc. But you don't throw it away if you have trouble with it consider how to use it best.

Same with the VeggiDome. Example: If you normally juice a lot of kale, then put a bunch of kale in. It's great to just grab clean veggies and toss'em in the blender! But be considerate, because big kale leaves that are older when picked will begin to yellow after 3 days (like it's growing on the plant still,) so consider piling in as much kale as you might juice up during the next 2 or 3 days.

People like to request a competition between the refrigerator and the VeggiDome. But that's not the point. You don't toss out one tool, just because you have a new one. It's better to keep your fresh vegetables by using a combination of these tools.  I don't want to state the obvious, but the VeggiDome and fridge are different.  Just like your hammer and a door knocker are different.  They both bang, but you don't stop using the door knocker just because you now own a hammer!

The VeggiDome is for cleaned, trimmed, ready to eat vegetables to be out on your table, where they'll get eaten. The fridge? That's where you've got the rest of the veggies, waiting to get into the Dome! 

The VeggiDome Social Venture Gets Nominated!

Nomination for an award from the Sustainable Business Council of Los Angeles! 

Breaking: VeggiDome Recognized by Sustainable Business Council L.A. for Its Invention and Business Model

VeggiDome is gaining traction in the eco community as our first consumer product is about to arrive at the Port of Los Angeles. In the next weeks, 2000 reserved VeggiDomes will go out as we prepare to fully launch our social venture. Now, VeggiDome is a finalist for the Sustainable Business Council Award for a Seedling company.  

You can read VeggiDome's essay submission (below) and consider voting for us before April 15, 2017 and share! Awards night is April 19th in Los Angeles.

Here's the link to VOTE!


VeggiDome Veggies April MCU side.jpg


VeggiDome is a seedling: a social venture aiming to make a difference in the kitchen and in the world. The VeggiDome consumer product is a sleek glass tabletop vegetable saver and server. It's purpose is to keep veggies out of the fridge - under its dome on the table - crisp and ready to eat for four days or more.

The function and design of the VeggiDome is science-based, tapping the capacity of plant biology. Veggies stay fresh because ethylene gases escape through its loose lid and moisture stays in. The benefits:

  • People see colorful crisp veggies, eat a more plant-based diet and become healthier.
  • Money is not wasted on produce forgotten in the fridge.
  • Methane emissions in landfills are curbed, positively affecting the environment.

The invention by Duncan Burns has moved beyond the proof-of-concept stage after being kid-tested at home, market-tested at expos, lab-tested for food safety, and crowdfunded with pre-orders. Our supporters, prototype testers, reviewers and advocates agree the VeggiDome is ready for market adoption. Burns and company present the an opportunity to make impact in people's lives, in many ways.

Is this important? Consider these industry and audience sectors.

  • Disease and Obesity Prevention: heart disease, cancers, diabetes and more
  • Weight Loss Industry
  • The Healthy Lifestyle Social Sector
  • Food Waste Prevention
  • The Housewares Market

VeggiDome is at the leading edge of four significant multibillion-dollar industries and one trillion dollar sector. Our conversations and research conclude that we can market our consumer product and make impacts in all of these sectors.

  • Market adoption will make its impacts a driver of the food revolution.
  • Its Impacts on healthier eating will solve quality of life health issues.
  • Market saturation stands to impact larger segments of the population around the world.

Our Values are heart-based. We have lofty aims:

  • to sell VeggiDomes so consumers will eat healthier, enjoy a lasting positive experience, and be our first generation of loyal advocates.
  • to engage a salesforce of individuals and groups; selling and sharing among networks.
  • to utilize this affiliate sales program with generous commissions for local and national groups to fundraise for programs, and for individuals to earn income.
  • to keep doing it with more innovative earth friendly products.

Starting With Your New VeggiDome


I know this picture has a lot of veggies in it, I couldn't resist! Really, it's recommended that you start out simple for the first batch in your VeggiDome.

Six celery sticks, rinsed and cut on the ends.

Six carrots whole, rinsed and cut on the ends.

Six leaves of lettuces broken off or still on the head if it's small enough, rinsed.

Then maybe put one or two choice vegetables you might have on hand. The important next step is to eat them.  Don't treat it as a still life.  Eating at least two veggies out of a VeggiDome per day makes for the best atmosphere/operating conditions. Then week after week see if you can get the Zero waste balance going. If you end up having too many carrots in there for the week, then only put in four or five next time!  Eating is personal.  Tastes change. Seasons definitely change.  Eventually, when you understand your rhythms with veggies better, put in a sample from every vegetable from the fridge, except for food you may only cook, like eggplant or potatoes. It's so cool to see your selections of veggies, every time you walk by the kitchen. Beautiful food? Go ahead, give in to healthy temptation!

VeggiDome: The Inventor’s Story


As a father, I’m interested in ways to help my two children stay healthy.  One day, 11 years ago, I was getting lunch ready in the kitchen and I thought I’d wash a whole bunch of fresh vegetables at once, to see how many and which one would get eaten. “What the heck”, I boldly piled a large assortment of carrots, celery sticks, green beans, radishes, etc. onto a large plate. The kids smiled at this sight, and over the course of the meal ate one or two pieces and scattered off.

Then I did something that changed the entire kitchen for years. Instead of scooping the fresh vegetables into a plastic bag and tossing them into the fridge, I covered the pile with a clear glass-mixing bowl. A couple hours later, I lifted the bowl off again for dinner. I was amazed how well this simple idea had worked. My family kept it on the table throughout the week, adding a variety of vegetables.  Seeing that they were fresh, the kids kept eating them up!

The glass device stayed on the table for years, as I experimented with it and tried to solve some of the problems, like vegetables sticking out the bottom, kids not replacing the cover, etc. The idea was working pretty well, but it wasn't until recently that I cut a hole in the top glass and I put a special lid on it, like a cookie jar top. This was a great improvement! Not only could the children serve themselves more easily, but I found that I was able to drop new vegetables in without veggies spilling out of the bottom and I could put in more food because I could fill it up to the top.  But the real surprise came when I brought the new design to U.C.L.A. to have it looked at.

I was able to show the VeggiDome to Ann Hirsch, Ph.D., May Wang Ph.D. and William McCarthy, Ph.D., all who gave me positive remarks and were happy to see a device that could display vegetables on the table, helping people eat more healthy food. I agreed to try for a series of tests, when I could get enough units to them. Dr. McCarthy emailed me: “I continue to recognize the value that the dish set would have …in households with young children.” The remarkable part was when Dr. McCarthy began speaking of Ethylene gas (which I’d never heard of!) coming off of the cut produce.  It seems that some fresh veggies emit this hormone as a gas that triggers the cells to “ripen” faster, maybe for survival, as buds open, seeds sprout, and leaves age and droop.  Well, the professor said that (compared to the tight confines of a plastic bag with twister in your fridge,) my VeggiDome bowl not only allows a mixture air that dilutes the gas effect, but my new lid let the gas escape, including through normal use when the children grabbed a snack!

My understanding of vegetables has changed.  

When I walk through my kitchen I see vegetables, always visible, ready to eat.

I see plants that are “drinking” from air in the glass dome, thriving.

Campaign Success! Now We're Looking to Make a Manufacturing Run


The beginning of this blog is written by the sage master Brian McMahon of Expert Dojo in Santa monica, then he passes the story to us:

When Duncan and Eddie walked in the door of Expert DOJO I saw the potential for a product which the world sorely needs.  Their dream at the time was a special container for vegetables, which remarkably keeps them fresh for 4-6 days. This would solve the worlds biggest food waste problem - we throw out 30%+ of all the vegetables we buy and that adds up to 40 billion dollars of waste a year.  The problem is even bigger when you look at increasing obesity rates and a danger level increase in diabetes.  Enter the Veggidome, a cookie jar for the kitchen table, which keeps vegetables fresh, right in front of your nose.

The plan to start a crowdfunding campaign was an easy one but the logisitcs, platform and strategy was not.  Neither founder had been in this industry for long, so their social influence was small, the veggidome was relatively new as a product and the vegan and vegatarian marketplace was not that easy to enter.  What they did in the next 3 months though will blow your mind and help you build your roadmap to success.  I will let Duncan take it from here..

Our crowd funding campaign started months before the launch date we began by contacting our closest friends or family about the start date and how we needed them to act on the first day plus tell their friends about it. Then we contacted close friends, then folks we hadn't talked to in a while, then people we hadn't talked to for a decade... You get the point!  But you can't just sell to your friends, especially a product you hope could help change the world.


Importantly, we reached out to people who are passionate about their plant-based diet, about being healthy, and about not wasting resources on the planet. These are the people that understood quickly the usefulness of the VeggiDome. We worked harder on this crowd funding campaign than any effort in our lives. Think about a college final exam week that lasts 45 days! During that time we contacted influential people and shuttled working VeggiDomes to their homes. We sponsored an evening of celebration for Green-conscious and sustainable businesses, which allowed us to learn much and network more. One thing that rang true: only personal contact and direct letters will make the difference, a lot of them!


Now that the Indiegogo campaign has been successful: 1. We are continuing with their InDemand format and offering more, so we can fund high quality VeggiDomes.  2.  We need to spend the money wisely and deliver hundreds of the VeggiDome's to households across the USA. A daunting task, but there's nothing we would rather do in the world!