When people ask me questions about operating the VeggiDome, I am reminded that even though it is such a simple device, people have such personal ways they handle food, so they may not guess how to use it.  So, here is a basic technique that can be followed to guarantee perfectly wonderful results. (I actually eat 100% of the veggies I put in there, 0% waste.)   “Doesn’t the food begin to rot?”  Well, they’re plants, you don’t expect to chop them up like salad and have them not diminish freshness after a few hours, right? If you follow the directions, the plants thrive:

Wash the veggies. 

Trim them. Leave whole, or cut in half to fit the opening.

“Do you have to add water?” Don’t add water. 

Put them in the VeggiDome.

Then cook with them, grab them as snacks, or chop them into quick salads.

Eat them over the next few days.

People seem to make things more complicated!

This is not a science experiment. Eat the veggies.