Directions For Use 

1. Wash, rinse, and dry the VeggiDome warm soapy water.

2. Clean, trim, and dry your fresh vegetables. Vegetables can be left whole or halved.

3. Place vegetables in the VeggiDome, and place VeggiDome on your counter or table. AVOID DIRECT SUNLIGHT.

4. Eat the vegetables. 

Eating from the VeggiDome twice a day or more, will ensure that your vegetables will stay fresher for longer! Good for the plants, even better for you.

Making a Veggies Friendly Kitchen for the first time...

1) Bring out what’s in the fridge & open the bags from your market! 

2) Start with a simple grouping:

  • 5 to 7 Celery sticks

  • 5 to 7 whole Carrots

  • Several Lettuce leaves

  • Feel free to experiment or add a few choice vegetables from the list below. 

3) Put the top on and enjoy!

When your VeggiDome gets empty remove the leftover veggies and add new vegetables replacing the leftover ones on top. With all this veggie passion, don’t go overfill! Keep all your choices in sight. Don’t pack it tight! 

TIP: You can try fruit, for ripening, but the VeggiDome was designed for veggies. Peaches, apricots, plums, pears, tomatoes and even avocados ripen nicely in the Dome! *Apples don’t need ripening

Always Use a clean knife, clean colander, and clean surfaces to wash dry and cut the fresh vegetables. Use a clean cutting surface. Absolutely avoid any unclean surface or cutting board that has been used for meat!

Fitting the Rhythms of Your Healthy Lifestyle

You can include a whole lettuce head if it doesn’t crowd the Dome. Trim any brown from the stem, rinse the leaves and stems, shake off much of the water, and place it in. Whole Lettuce can last for 2 to 3 weeks, but eat them up! 

If the whole leafy green vegetable won't fit, wash and pry off OUTER LEAVES and place in your VeggiDome to eat first. Inner leaves, or the younger growth can be bagged and placed back in the fridge for another time.

In a few days, or whenever you add new veggies, check the trimmed edges of the older veggies and slightly trim again if desired.

Most vegetables can keep for a week however the VeggiDome works best when you eat veggies daily!

Best results - are achieved with fresh, unprocessed, unpeeled whole vegetables. Select as many favorite veggies as you would like to eat in the next few days and include a sample from every type of veggie you buy!

Best lasting - Whole celery, carrots, unsliced tomatoes, radishes, sugar pea pods, brussel sprouts, lettuce (whole or half leaf, not chopped,) bok choi, sunflower sprouts, and unpeeled cucumber.

Eat within two days – Broccoli (buds start to flower in several days), Kale (large leaves can start to turn yellow after 3 days, like leaves growing older on the living plant), older green beans and other rough skinned vegetables can grow tough or show brown at bruises after 3 to 5 days.

Eat Tomorrow - Cut edges of tomatoes and bell peppers may get slick. Trim this 1/8 inch slick edge off before eating.

Caution: raw corn, bruised green beans, zucchini, broccoli and veggies with a fuzzy exterior, should be eaten, chopped into salads or cooked within 2 days. The vegetables are still growing, so they are fresh, but older.

Fruit can sometimes attract little flies. Follow proper care and handling procedures for dealing with pests. 

It is recommended to clean, sanitize, and move the VeggiDome to a new location in the room.