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Earning through sales - with the VeggiTeam 

Today, VeggiDome is a seedling social venture. That means we are a for-profit doing social good. Profits and social good are part of our business model. We aim to nurture families and communities on many levels. YOU'RE invited to join us as we build a grassroots VeggiDome sales force. Earn extra money, help people form healthier eating habits and even make a positive impact on your community -

VeggiDome collaboration is open to individuals, businesses, schools, nonprofits and faith-based organizations. If you are an advocate for plant-based eating or simply want to help people eat more veggies, join us as a VeggiDome sales associate! Health professionals, nutritionists, chefs and trainers are including the VeggiDome in their patients' health took kit. 

Here's how it works: 

• Register as a collaborator and imbed your unique VeggiDome widget on your blog, website, social media or in an email or on-line ad.

• Refer a customer click via your widget.

• Your customer receives a 10% discount plus the promotion du jour by using your widget.  

• Each VeggiDome sale you've referred earns you a 25% sales commission. Yes, we'd rather be doing business with you.

Imagine the good we are doing while we help people improve their eating habits by using the VeggiDome. We want to help you create a new steam of income. How will you apply that stream of income? For daily expenses for your family? To raise funds for good causes. To put more VeggiDomes on the tables of another? So many benefit by sharing something good with others. 

Please read more about this offer and CLICK the button below! 


•       To receive a VeggiDome widget to tract your sales register, sign up! Then send us an email to [email protected] so we can confirm you are properly registered.

•       VeggiDome will help you educate consumers and demonstrate its use by providing content and on-line promotional materials such as images, video promos and how-to's for your use on social media and elsewhere. We encourage you to create your own content. Be sure to send your promo materials to us for our archives, future collaborator contests, and recognition in our annual reports. Disclosure, VeggiDome reserved the right to approve, at its sole desecration, any promo materials you produce. Participants are directed to ensure all self-produced content is fully aligned with the messaging, mission, and values of VeggiDome.

•       Be sure that your audience knows that by using your unique widget, they will receive a 10% discount and the promotion du jour. 

•      When your customer clicks through your widget and the sales transaction is complete, the sale automatically registers to your account. VeggiDome will send you your commission at the end of each month.

•      Once you have earned $600 in commissions, you will be issued a IRS 1099 tax form.

•      In the event we authorize a return or refund, your commission (if already paid) will be deducted from the following cycle’s payment to you. 

This agreement may be terminated or amended at any time by Veggidome LLC, successors or assigns.  


Learn full description of the VeggiDome Affiliate Program and Disclosures Here

Don't hesitate to contact us at: [email protected]

Thank you!   ~ The VeggiTeam

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