Earning through sales - with the VeggiTeam 

VeggiDome aspires to help communities, the world and YOU! We invite you or your organization to become part of our grassroots sales force. You, your family and community can earn money as a VeggiDome sales friend. The program is open to individuals, for-profits, groups, schools, churches and nonprofits. Health professionals, nutritionists and chefs are welcome to join us.

Your customer first receives a 10% discount by using your Friend Code. Then each VeggiDome sale you've referred earns you a 25% sales commission.  That's pretty good, since we pay 30% to manufacture, 20% to operate, we're splitting the profit in half with you!

Imagine the good we will do, while we help people improve their eating habits with the VeggiDome, you will create a stream of income. How will you apply that income? Raise funds for good causes, or help in daily expenses for your family - all will benefit by sharing something good with others. 

Please read more about this offer and fill out the form below. 

The VeggiDome Collaboration Application Form

Hello VeggiTeammate!

This is our initial working agreement, which may be amended from time to time.

Your Promo Code will become active when you receive notification that your application has been processed.

Weblink to purchase: https://veggidome.com/buy/veggidome 

This information is confidential and will be privately used for only the purposes of your VeggiDome®  VeggiTeam® account.

Name *

•       When someone wishes to purchase a VeggiDome, tell them they receive 10% off with your Friend Code.

•      When they enter it and pay, the sale automatically registers to you. We will pay you 25% per sale by sending you the money at the end of each months billing cycle, (typically within 15- 45 days).

•      You’ll be issued a 1099 for tax reporting upon reaching $600 in affiliate commissions.

•      For spontaneous sales at your venue, we recommend encouraging the customer to enter your code and purchase on-the-spot via their phone.

•       We will help you by providing images and promo materials to post on social media, and we welcome you share photos of your own happily filled VeggiDome.  

•      In the event we authorize a return or refund, your commission (if already paid) would be deducted from the following cycle’s payments to you. 

This agreement may be terminated or amended at any time by Veggidome LLC, successors or assigns.


Please contact us at: [email protected]

Thank you!

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