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Duncan Burns

Founder, Inventor of the VeggiDome

Duncan developed the VeggiDome over a ten-year period simply because he wanted his kids to eat more vegetables! His career background is in the film industry. Lead Editor and Post Supervisor, 30 years. While being "The Inventor" he was also "The Guy Who Brings Snap Peas To A Bowling Alley" What food would you bring to a bowling alley with a dozen 8-year-olds? Pizza? Hotdogs? He's the dad who would haul in five pounds of washed, trimmed veggies. Yep, that guy. To the embarrassment/pride of the kids!

Now, he wishes to share the VeggiDome advantage with sustainable homes around the world!

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Charles "PlantHero" McCoy

Business Development Executive

Charles is a Certified Plant Based Nutritionist, Horticulturalist, CEO and Founder of Plant Harmony Health Center, in New York City, which is devoted to integrating recent scientific findings with already proven health facts.

Affectionately known as Plant-Hero, he became a passionate advocate of the miracles associated with a plant-based diet following the established effects a plant-based diet had on his prostate cancer, eight years ago and shingles four years ago. The experience provided him with firsthand positive, healthful benefits and he immediately began the journey of sharing the life saving knowledge of a plant-based diet via presentations entitled 'Farmacy' which now include 'VeggiDome' as a food waste deterrent. His 'Farmacy' and 'VeggiDome' presentations are presented in a fun way as they include principles of plant nutrition in health and disease and planning for a plant-based diet appropriate for physical and nutritional needs. Charles lectures extensively on nutrition as well as indoor plants (herb gardening), plants for indoor air-purifying; his audiences are adults, children and athletes with various nutritional and health concerns.

Charles as Plant-Hero has been an endorser and spokesman for 'VeggiDome' since 2017.