The VeggiDome is a four-piece glass container/server that keeps vegetables fresh, and visible, out on your table or counter. It’s like a "cookie jar" for healthy vegetables to snack on.

How long will my veggies last in the VeggiDome?

The fresher the better. Although some produce has been found to last weeks, if you have something in there that long, you’re not using it right! The VeggiDome is a server that should be re-filled every few days because your family is now eating more veggies, and reaching for the Dome instead of less nutritious snacks.

Is my VeggiDome lid supposed to fit loosely?

Yes, by intention, it’s not an airtight seal. This helps vent the ethylene that would accelerate veggie spoilage.

Is it Dishwasher safe?

Yes, it’s made of borosilicate glass and the tray is stainless steel.

What are the best veggies to put in the Dome?

We certainly haven’t been able to try them all, but know that carrots, celery, lettuce, whole sweet peppers, bok choi, basil, mint, and radishes do great. Broccoli, kale and snap peas should be eaten sooner.

It’s very warm in my kitchen, will the Dome still work?

We’ve found warmer room temperatures can shorten the life of veggies. If your room is very warm, we suggest placing only an amount of produce in the dome that you expect to consume in a day or two.

Can I put the dome in the fridge?

Yes, but that would defeat the behavioral science of how it works, which is have it in sight, on the table or counter, not forgotten in the fridge.

Can I put fruit in my VeggiDome?

Yes, the VeggiDome can ripen fruit more nicely than the refrigerator (which tends to dehydrate produce and make fruit skin tough or wrinkled). The best thing about using the Dome for fruit is that it won’t attract fruit flies, as easily happens with an open fruit bowl.

Will VeggiDome help me lose weight?

VeggiDome won't "make" you do anything. But if having visible, readily available vegetables helps you eat more high-fiber low-calorie* snacks, instead of high-calorie low-fiber nutritionally empty fodder, such as cookies, then VeggiDome can be a useful tool for decreasing or maintaining body weight.  *Reference:

So, how does the VeggiDome work?

 Normally, some veggies emit a gas (ethylene) that makes other veggies ripen quickly when they are together in a refrigerator drawer. With the VeggiDome, not only does the dome itself dilute the ethylene gas, but the gas also vents through the lid and you refresh the air every time you open it up! This process helps vegetables last in the dome, with some produce lasting a week or longer!

Importantly, the VeggiDome also creates a moisture balanced environment that helps keep produce from dehydrating, as happens in the refrigerator. Refrigerator air is quite dry and dehydrates anything exposed to that air.  With the VeggiDome, moisture is maintained and the plants can "drink" water from the air! 

Of course, as time goes by, vegetables left inside or outside the fridge will spoil. But now with the VeggiDome on your table, they are no longer out-of-sight and out-of-mind. You see the veggies every day and eat them, creating a new, healthy daily habit. This is a key “behavioral science” feature of the dome.

And finally, the VeggiDome saves money from less waste of your produce, that would have been forgotten in the fridge!  In fact, it will usually pay for itself in just a few months, from reduced waste.

Can VeggiDome help with Diabetes?

Consumption of vegetables is associated with the reduced rates of adult onset diabetes. Consumption of fiber, low glycemic index foods, and vegetables has been shown to improve hemoglobin A1c (although some of these benefits may be due to the benefits of weight loss).** Except for starchy vegetables, most vegetables have low levels of sugar (or simple carbohydrates that can easily be processed into sugar). Vegetables also typically have high fiber content, and little fat. These features make most vegetables "diabetic friendly." VeggiDome is a tool that can be used to increase vegetable consumption. Let us know how it works for you. Send us your before and after VeggiDome, Hemoglobin A1c levels!


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